Country Roaming’s

For many years, like so many others I have dreamed about having a blog. A blog on art, food, photography, interior design, fashion, landscaping and the likes. As you can see my interests are varied and my passion for them all, one not greater than the other.. However, this year I finally got the name of the Blog, and with that it can encapsulate all of my interest’s.

I have the good fortune of being able to travel every couple of months, due to the fact of my visa is only for 6 months, and my partner Jon, has a work break for 2 weeks every 6 weeks or so, is allowing us to travel and explore together.

Travelling through countries, and the countryside is a great culmination of one’s passions..  I hope you join me on this journey and feel inspired somehow..


Thank You 🙂


**All photo’s are the property of myself ” Helen Corkran Photography” should you wish to use them please contact me personally. **